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Free Tarot Reading Ploys Exposed

Free Tarot Reading  scams are usually part of our industry. Once we see some ancient advertisements that say “the call is free” we must laugh LOL! Obviously its an 800 number! Of course the call is FREE DUH!!!

Those tactics are designed to confuse callers into believing that speaking to the tarot & psychic reader would be be totally free.

The company that was busted was PRN / New Lauderdale primarily based out of Florida. They had been shut straight down with the governmental companies. The former manager, Steve Feder, received a few lawsuits. Cleo, the actress/spokesperson Yurri Harris passed away in 2016 of cancer. She far too was dragged into the legal action. It was a total mayhem!  Actually, I watched a documentary on the closing of this firm on Youtube and part of her plea which would keep her from departing the state of Florida.

In that era, many phone calls had been billed to your telephone by means of a 1-900 amount. Over the years  900 number were shut down from the FCC or FTC.  Regardless, these days folks use cell phones phones which do never had access to a 1-900 number.

On our network we never provided any promotions. We have hosted Free Tarot/Psychic CHAT reading through a chat room. It absolutely was ahead of its’ time.  Once we launched our phone division, we still held on to the Free Tarot Reading night.  Certainly that was a distinct vibe as individuals could be in a very chat space and randomly selected.

PRN had its moment in time. Inside future post we will talk about a couple of tactics that came from these types of horrific practices.   Most are mocked in the media.

Nonetheless rest assured that on Absolutely Psychic, we take on our mission seriously and will not have gimmicks.