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Free Tarot Reading Ploys Part 2

Free Tarot Readings: In our earlier write-up we shared some practices used by PRN (Ms. Cleo organization.)  So in this article we to share with you a number of other ploys that have been revealed in reports and outlets.

Bookstores: This demo PRN utilized was hiring HR psychic managers / e book store managers and so on.. They were accountable for recruiting psychics/tarot readers. It had been basically like a pyramid scheme that obtained managers below managers underneath managers. What a disaster! The psychics were regarded as farm animals. The turnover was large.

Hold Time:   This demo was basically the “hold time” length of contact a reader would must sustain in order to remain contracted on that phone line.   Actually, their tarot/psychic capacity was in no way prioritized as the most important aspect. Alternatively, the way in which to have hired on PRN was by determining how much time the advisor extended on the phone.  If the reader was around the phone for in excess of 15 minutes that was regarded as a hire worthy applicant.

“Tarot Made Easy by Nancy Garen:  Gosh this was a huge disaster!  It’s believed that PRN told their advisors to buy that book and read from it while on the telephone with clients.  Once news got back to the author, legal action was taken.

It only gets worse.  In the New York Post, there were many articles stating that Feder/PRN and/or even a book shop hired HOMELESS people to take calls as psychics.  How low can anyone go!  Really??

The above tactics are not just shady but demoralizing to humanity. Right here on the Absolutely Psychic Network rest assured you handle how much time you need using your psychic. The psychics on our network have already been screened prior to hire.  We flip turn away 98 out of 100 psychic applicants every thirty day period.